NoOS Project: Take back control


This is not for the faint hearted . It would be much simpler if you just bought a Non-Smart phone. But here we intend to fool people & ourselves by showing that we own a smart phone

It is a tool, not a power pill for will. If you want control of your life it wil help. We Social Media generation , this is specially for you if you need self help, order and organization.

Why NoOS? The theory behind

This is because technology today is having a sublimal effect which very few understand. We have even lesser options to fix little of what we know.

Motivation behind this effort:

Task Switching is very frequent with todays gadgets/emails/calls & message , concentration is taking ahit without any pertinent effect? Some might ask, are we going dumber? Effects of our lifestyle change in not understood, and won’t be until it is late, simply because we are too busy, with god only knows what. It is proven by Neuroscientists, see: These are the few podcasts & articles.

For simplest of the task switching the energy spent by our brains is very high. We are really single taskers, and everytime we switch tasks we tire our brains much more than we think/imagine. And this fact is completely ignored by most people. With a fresh brain, you would analyze more information as it enters your head, and be more critical of it. As you get tired due to task switching and other factors, the critical part of your brain shuts off. You accept information at face value and form beliefs based on these short inferences of event. And the amazing part is our Kids learn from us (I don’t have any). What is going to happen to the next generations of kids? We already see Millenials as an example. Our knowledge is getting skewed, with blast of Social media and short new and information overload. I sure do sound like a conspiracy theorist or propagandist, but the fact is I am running away from it. While most people choose to engage more and more with it.

Steps to reduce this effect: * Need to reduce social media affecting ourKnowledge Sphere * Interpersonal relationships are dying * Mass platform for Media/Government propaganda

Fix for the issues:


Let’s mark the smart phone dumb again

Let’s make a minimalistic operating system woth these ideas: * Basically go back to stoneage, in style * Remvoe all OS, and give a bare minimal UI, no internet * FWD only required email/messages in pdf push format * Only offlien content delivery * Simplest, non distracting UI * Only calls & SMS have Notification

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