Project Goals

High Level Goals

  • Main to get a working phone for Voice and SMS

  • Reduce pwoer consumption drastically by tweaking kernel configs

  • Create some way of putting PDF/Other static content

  • Create a way to have Data Call without android

  • Create a tcp layer for PC services for these Applications
    • Send blob of email updates
    • Send rss feed
    • Divert voip phone calls
    • Important whatsapp messages

Everything is unscoped, scope everything ASAP

Feasibility Tests

Scope Feasibility by completing all these tasks

  1. Get an Android build for a ‘device’ compiling (Preferable CynogenMod/AOSP)
  2. Create a no UI version and make a USB phonecall
  3. Replace Android UI and display a bitmap/JPG
  4. Remove all other Non-hlos images, other than modem & ADSP
  5. Scope work from here for each feature

Next Steps if feasibility is met

  1. create a repo on personal machine to begin project
  2. scope work and begin with basic phone GUI implimentation
  3. plan to use QtGUi as is first for embedded stuff (Removing Major hurdles for developement)
  4. Get a Dialer App & Link it RIL for calling